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East Asian Visiting Professor Tour

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Prof. Shariat was privileged to undertake an exceptional Visiting Professor Tour through East Asia, which entailed visits to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Okayama and Japan.

Prof. Shariat travelled trough different cities in East Asia and gave outstanding lectures. He also visited a flagship medical center and met exceptional physicians on his trip.

  • Hong Kong:
    • Visiting of Lions Kidney Educational Centre and Research Foundation Day Dialysis Centre
    • 15th Urology Symposium Hong Kong
    • Visiting Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Tokyo:
    • Visiting Professor, Jikei University Tokyo
  • Okayama:
    • Visiting Professor, Okayama University Japan
  • Japan:
    • Keynote lecture and course at the 75th Western Japanese Urological Association

On his tour Prof. Shariat delved into groundbreaking research findings, offering a fresh perspective on the role of surgery for metastatic prostate cancer.

Attendees from around the world were captivated by his detailed presentations on innovative treatment methodologies and their potential impact on patient care. Prof. Shariat's expertise, stemming from years of intensive research and clinical practice, provided invaluable insights that stimulated a series of engaging discussions throughout the symposium.

The organizers of this remarkable Visiting Professor tour expressed their gratitude for Prof. Shariats invaluable contributions, which significantly enhanced the academic quality of the meetings and congresses. He not only emphasized the importance of continuous research in the realm of urology, but also set the tone for future collaborative efforts aimed at advancing global urological care.

Prof. Shariat was also honoured to confer the Adjunct Professorship from the Medical University of Vienna on Prof. Jeremy Y.C. Teoh at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which is considered a significant appreciation by the institution.
The renowned physician and researcher will be looking forward to his Visiting Professor stay at the Department of Urology at the Medical University of Vienna and his lecture at the 9th Michael J. Marberger Meeting, which take place from 13th to 18th December 2023 in Vienna > Get more information!